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Three weeks after the first video Paula, I received a call from Greg. He said he had two clients in Birmingham by a company, Greg studied under a contract. They had visited the company and if Paula had brought in some detail, these customers had, as he said, taking a liking to her. Greg, with a total bastard, had shown that the photo was taken while Richard Paulas photos taken at home. had, if you remember, had the advantage of her if she had asked him to hire porntube me, and porntube he had caught with the promise of work Richard. Now he told me he wants to bring these two customers at our house, and to provide sexual favors to convince me that oil the wheels of his contract. surprised me in silence for a few moments while I heard him describe men. 'Both are black, father porntube and son, to be exact, the son porntube is my age, thirty -five, and his father was about 60 I appreciate. I think you should convince them porntube that James, after all ,You can see, ' ' Us ? 'He said, ' if we ' he replied,' after porntube all, you who may not be up to fuck her, not me and porntube I will be there, what I can also take a turn between the average beautiful Paula legs, putting his dick in her nice warm Hairy Bush ' he knew what he was doing, but not get an erection, I could feel my heart beat faster and a warm feeling in my cock. ' I speak with her ​​and talk......... if to convince them that the needs, I think wife likes black cock after the video shoot....... Oh, and bye the way, you will find how we want it raw ! ' If this thought, I felt my cock cum drain some of my pants. The next day Paula came home and asked me to sit. She looked very sad and ashamed before I said what I knew that Greg did not know I had spoken, but he had told me to ask if she was okay. he had given to understand that if I do not agree, it would be ok and layout wOuld be off. She looked at me and I'm sure she was hoping that porntube I disagree, but for my own satisfaction, to see her again, this time fucked by three men, I said it was okay and tell Greg.. could not be sure, but Paula looked through my consent for my wife uses for the pleasure of men sadly. Of course I knew that once started, Paula porntube enjoy. to confirm Paula text message to Greg and to my surprise, he was told to be prepared for it at 8 this evening, and his business suit, skirt above the knee to keep 3 inches on the black lace- ups using Knicks completed a white blouse and black bra with matching heels takes two at work. Customers loved him when he first saw in the office of Greg. opened the door to an 8, as agreed, and was a bit surprised when I was the father, the son of an attack on thirty-five years and a very beautiful, but the father was over 60 years and saw a beast of a man porntube I met, it seemed as if there were a few boxes of finishedhis youth, but did not win many. He was completely bald and a good sized belly bigger than Des, who played the owner of record videos of Paula 3 weeks before, as was elegantly dressed, could not hide the fact that he was very brutal in appearance. This only increased my enthusiasm at the thought of my wife the humiliation bitch use this as a common man. Why I think once, I could not answer. Greg had to first seduce, Paula was 20, was a good lover faithful wife, but from my inability to be excited, I've very happy to see the fucking and devastated by the black man, but had so far only caught Des turn on the video, but now see this black man, with his terrible aspect, I realized that from now on, the worse the humiliation of Paula, the most would be more my excitement and masturbation. Paula was sitting in the lounge, but when I showed up three inches immediately embraced his Gregand porntube kissed her while I was sitting in a chair by the fireplace. His father Joe was dropped on the couch, but the son, Daniel, also hugged and kissed Paula. He stayed with his tongue flickering in and out of his mouth. It had become the couch while kissing her, lifted her skirt exposing her tops and bottoms of storage, while stroking his back. Joe had taken his cock and slowly rubbed. I was surprised because I expected another black baton as DES, but not larger than 6 inches, even though I was fat.. Daniel kissed Paula stopped and sat down at porntube his father in a different chair. Joe Paula said to walk around a bit and a couple of times, as they had done in the office, and then taking off the jacket. My penis was on the rise in expectations, but still not hard. ' Well,' said Joe, 'we all know what we're here to come and suck duck before this' Paula was on porntube her knees porntube sucking cock began to Joseph. I maneuvered for a betterd buried while I focus on my wife, with her ​​face in the passage of this disgusting man, who had not realized that Danny had removed his clothes. He was a handsome man, and he had a bigger penis than his father. He fell to his knees, behind Paula and lifted her skirt to her waist. The grip around her, pulled her blouse from the waistband of her skirt, unhooked her bra and pulled down so that her breasts hanging, but pressure from the bra underneath. He stroked her, forced her knees apart and rubbed against her panty clad ass. He pushed on the hips, two fingers pushed into her, then she licked her juices and extract from them, aligned with the cock from her pussy was so wet by now, pulling his foreskin, and said the head of club. With a uniform pressure, he drove his cock into her until he could go no father. Paula complained, but because his mouth was full porntube of Joe Hahn, and he pushed her, whichad down at his crotch, she could only bored with loud nasal sound, as if sinus problem. is Danny and his bitch with great vigor, his father was very close to coming close to the expression on his face, and I was masturbating furiously. My enthusiasm for my wife 's humiliation, his face while he fucked Joe took his son in the back, plus the fact that he was not naked, but simply looked like a toy, which was treated was forced these men want to meet my cock, bigger than I had realized before. Joe grunted and went into Paula 's mouth. His tail may not be as great as I'd like to devastate my wife, but his ability, sperm production was fantastic. Paula gagged and pulled the head, coughing and stuttering cum shot from his mouth, but Joe Hahn even after porntube the jet injection Paula 's face and hair. Five jets shot down good I saw it before it starts. He turned his head to one side and saw the extent of their degradation,She was covered in thick sperm with chains as thick cords, white dependents. This was too much for me and as I was back in my chair and look, myself masturbating relief had not had in 3 weeks, and I shot most of the milk I've done before, I'm surprised the chin and in front of my shirt. Joe told how much of a beautiful white bitch when Danny grabbed her hips and howling like an animal, occurred in the era. He paused long enough to hand in front of her, teasing her clit and took them away after orgasm in a minute. You could be porntube on his back in one of the most beautiful sights I've seen the rock around the waist, panties wrapped around her knees, her pussy red and swollen sperm just opened her blouse and her breasts were some eruptions now Joe died I realized I had met her tits and her hair and face covered in cum Joes. I have my camera and took a dozen or more shots from all angles, where we expectuld be able, in the course of the day, the straw, while Paula was at work. Of course, Joe porntube is still not fucking Paula and Greg had none. Joe belly was too big to allow him to get his conventional lie in bed, so that the table was ready, place a thick blanket over him and Paula was on her back with legs dangling over the end and pussy right the edge. I could see from her womb, and thus porntube to give to his knees, and told me to feed her cock in her for him. My dick hard and I held the point at enterance to her pussy. Joe pushed without subtlety, his hard cock inside her and began to fuck her. His breathing was labored, and it sounded like a real bitch, now Greg and Danny was sucking her tits, she was gripping the sides of the table holds the abuse he received from Joe. , which lasted about 3 minutes when he sent another, but smaller outbreak of black cum her. Greg moved to get between his legs,but as he did, I realized my penis was rock hard and shouted : 'No, let me now', and passed him, and for the first time in months that I pushed my cock into my wife. Of course not shit, when I was in it, my body shook, I cried, ' Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ' I felt a tingling and warm at the end of my cock and throw a little porntube angry with my wife. Greg laughed, but was the next fuck with my wife in porntube ages. I sat in the chair and saw Greg and Paula picked Danny twice each thrust and laughs at himself. Paula just cum for some reason, once before. The three left at eleven Paula showered and went to bed. I downloaed pictures of her and she was like a clock. The next day, Paula went home for lunch. Joe had signed the contract, but not before both had caught Paula back on porntube Greg 's desk, where the three of them in the back. There was even porntube cum? Yes they did, how they fuck ins playing with her ​​clit. They had fed Joe 's cock in it? No one did very well last night led me to Paula pussy with his cock flesh of my performance, the ultimate humiliation, a man of service to help a woman who could not have. I am humbled told him that just can not have a hard......... and I thought, is the only way I can see you humiliated and abused.
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